About the Art

Art is my therapy

I’ve suffered a lifetime of mental illness.
(You can read more about my story here.)

I’ve tried numerous forms of therapy: talk therapy, medications, yoga, etc. Nothing seemed to work - until I found drawing.

I tried drawing on a whim one day. I fell in love. I drew everything. I didn’t understand why I loved it so much until I realized that drawing is a form of mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation. It means to be completely aware of everything that is happening in the present moment.

To draw a photo exactly as it is, I must be aware of every single detail of the photo - every line, shade, gradient, undertone, proportion, and more. That means when I draw, it is essential that I am completely immersed in the moment.

I spend hours at a time solely focused on my drawing. My mind is not able to wander to the sadness of the past or the anxieties of the future. I am in the moment. Spending time in the moment is one of the best sources of happiness.

In my own mindfulness practice, I’ve discovered that if I don’t have a focal point, I am only able to focus for a few seconds before my attention span depletes itself and my mind wanders elsewhere. I have yet to be able to spend a significant amount of time in the moment without focusing on something.

Viewing art is a form of meditation

Art works.

Artwork serves as a centerpiece for you to focus your attention on. When you view a piece of art, you can notice every single detail - every line, gradient, shade, and detail of the piece.

You can also observe your reaction to the art - the emotions that arise, your thoughts about the work or artist.

Art museums all over the world are now beginning to offer mindfulness programs to connect the gap between art and meditation - a relationship that is so obvious, but often overlooked.

Museums are finally beginning to understand that art should not just be glanced over, or worse, purchased for the sake of owning a piece of art. They are realizing that art should be experienced by the viewer.

When you purchase a piece of my art, I want you to experience it.

I want you to notice every detail I’ve created. I want you to feel a sense of calm. I want you to live in the present moment.

I want you to purchase my art, not just to hang something beautiful on your walls, but to view it as bringing a form of mindfulness meditation to your home.

I want you to truly observe it, to practice mindfulness, to become happier.