darcy kabcenell

Meet Darcy

The short story

I’m an colored pencil artist who lives in metro Detroit, Michigan. I live with my sweet pup, Pinot, and my loving husband, Michael. They are my rocks.

Through a period of life change, I rediscovered my love for art. I found that I would lose track of time when I reproduced every detail of an image onto paper. I knew, without a doubt, that I had to pursue art as a career.

The history

I grew up an art fanatic. Everything I did and thought was rooted in creativity. I drew paper lights to hang on my bedroom walls during the holidays, I co-invented board games with my best friend, and I even handcrafted paper pajamas. I always knew that I was different in that way.

When I started middle school, the stigma of being an “artist” truly affected me. I choose to focus on academics. I pursued a nursing career after high school. I practiced full-time for four years, but I was crippled by depression and anxiety. I understood that much of the mental illness was caused by my career - I knew I had to make a change.

I found mindfulness. With that I was finally able to listen to my heart. I decided to follow my dream of being an artist. Now I incorporate mindfulness into my art and my artist career. To me, there isn’t a more perfect blend.