About the Art


The concept of mindfulness is truly at the root of my existence - but it wasn’t always so.

I’ve suffered a lifetime battle against mental illness. My mind is a burden to me if I don’t take care of it. Depression and anxiety have completely consumed me at multiple stages in my life.

Thankfully my friend introduced me to the concept of mindfulness after college. She said that to be mindful you must be acutely aware of your surroundings - be in the present moment.

I quickly became obsessed with the concept of mindfulness. I researched and I practiced staying in the present moment. I took it with me through every stage of life from then on. Now I bring it to my art.

When I draw

The type of drawing I do is the epitome of mindfulness. I have to be completely focused on my work if I want to produce a realistic image. I have to pay attention to every angle, every color, and every shadow. I get lost in time when I’m immersed in all of the details.

I’m always amazed at how many small details I find in the image once I begin drawing. It reminds me that I don’t pay nearly enough attention to the world when I’m not drawing. It’s a gentle reminder that the world is truly a beautiful and amazing place.

My artwork

I want you to feel the same thing. I want you to get lost in time as you’re drawn into all of the details of the drawing. I want you to focus on every corner, every line, and every transition.

I want you to be amazed in the beauty of the world. So often we can get caught up in the negativity of the news and of our own thoughts. I want you to immerse yourself in the moment. I want you to be present and fully aware of your surroundings. I want you to feel happy.